Here is a list of websites and marketing opportunities where we will promote your vacation home

Heavy investment in the largest online marketplaces means ideal placement for your home among search results. Out marketing team takes a proactive strategy, anticipating industry shifts and investing early in up-and-coming marketplaces to stay ahead of the curve.

Included Listing Sites (or Online Travel Agents ‘OTA’):

  • AirBnB
  • VRBO/HomeAway
  • Expedia (via VRBO)
  • Houfy
  • website
  • Property exclusive website (See as an example)

Other Marketing Opportunities

  • Facebook (properties are rotated for promotion each week)
  • Bodega Bay Chamber of Commerce website (under ‘Elite Coastal Escapes’ umbrella)
  • website 
  • Local Bodega Bay area newsletters


Where we will not market:

These sites do not support a homeowner’s right to vetting Guests.