What is the Cost of Full Service Property Management?

  • MANAGEMENT FEE - The first year is 24% of Gross Rental Income. This covers our staff costs, marketing costs, commissions charged by the websites/Channels/OTAs, Damage Protection insurance, credit card processing fees, and software.
  • CONSUMABLES - We will provide all consumables (paper products, toiletries, cleaning products, etc) for an additional 1% of revenue. We supply only high-end household brand name products in full sizes.

Would you prefer a lower Management Fee? Of course you would!!

  • ANNUAL RENEWAL - We drop the Management Fee 1% for every 12 months.
    After 3 referrals and 3 years, 
  • REFERRALS - Just refer other vacation rental homeowners to our property management service. If they become a client, we will give you a 1% discount on the Management Fee for each referral in perpetuity!

The Management Fee could drop to our lowest level of only 15%!!


There is no need to renegotiate, we lower our management fees automatically putting more money into YOUR pocket!

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