TRUST, but Verify. We verify that a Guest staying in your home is who they say they are.

How can we protect your home if we cannot be sure who is staying there?

Verifying a Guest's identity is very important. Your vacation home is likely one of your biggest assets, and it needs to be protected. Unlike other Property Managers who may be profit-focused, we would rather cancel a Guest reservation and forego the rental income if we cannot verify a Guest's identity. 

Even if a Guest signs a Rental Agreement, we cannot assume that it has been signed with their genuine personal information. And if they have signed the Rental Agreement with an alias, you have no recourse to enforce it.

This is why Guest Vetting and Verification of Identity are standard practices with Elite Coastal Estates. Very few Property Managers take this important step seriously, as they benefit financially from every guest's stay (good or bad). We vigilantly protect our homeowners by performing due diligence on every guest to minimize risk. If our search reveals something of concern, we will inform you. As a team, we may decide to cancel a reservation rather than risk a potentially bad rental experience. 


Here is our process for Guest Verification

Why do we do this?

We want to protect your home, its contents, you, and your positive relationship with your neighbors. If a Guest intends to throw a party, exceed occupancy limits, or treat your home carelessly, they do not want to be held responsible for their actions via a signed Rental Agreement. Those who intend to misbehave are not always forthright with their identity in a Rental Agreement. Those with the best intentions and looking forward to a pleasant holiday typically have no problem signing a Rental Agreement and identifying themselves.