Don’t lose sleep over fresh sheets! Create a luxurious guest experience with quality linens

Guests notice the details. Fresh sheets and fluffy towels mean better reviews, more bookings, and more rental income for you. We dress to impress!

Our optional Linen Program supplies your vacation rental with hotel-quality crisp white linens provided only for our homeowner clients. Why white? Studies show that the color white provides guests with a feeling of cleanliness and purity, a key component of a satisfactory stay at a rental home. Guests are reassured that the beds and towels are fresh and clean just by looking at them. Since the bed is the focal point of your rental, having fresh white linens on your bed will make your rental listing photos pop and attract more bookings. As a bonus, white linens are also much easier to keep clean than colored linens.

By choosing this program, homeowners can eliminate the hassle and cost of replacing stained or worn linens, with confidence that the linens we provide are always ready, clean, and luxurious. We will supply, launder and replace all of the linens below* for any vacation rental property that we manage under this Linen Program:

  • Bed Sheets - 100% Cotton. Fitted and flat, plus envelope pillowcases, all with in-house backups.
  • Comforters and Duvets - For each bed
  • Blankets - For each bed
  • Towels - Ample bath towels, hand towels, washcloths
  • Bath Mats - For each tub or shower
  • Beach Towels - For homes near the beach or with a private spa
  • Robes - 2 for each bedroom closet, always freshly laundered
  • Lined Fabric Shower Curtains - For bathrooms without glass shower enclosures
  • Kitchen Towels
* The homeowner would provide one-time investment items such as beds, mattresses, mattress protectors, mattress pads, pillows, pillow protectors, any decorative pillows or throws. Due to their unique sizing, homeowners would also provide specialized bedding for sofabeds, futons or daybeds.

A simple, affordable linen solution

Our Linen Program is a less expensive and less time-consuming alternative to buying your own linens individually. With no up-front cost and a recurring charge of just 2% of each monthly rental revenue, we stock your home with all the linens your home needs based on maximum occupancy. The best part? It’s totally hassle-free! We take care of everything: supplying your vacation rental with plenty of bedding and towels, laundering them, changing out linens between guests, and replacing items when needed. That means any sheet or towel that’s worn, torn, or stained will be replaced right away by our team—keeping your linen closet and your guest reviews in five-star condition.

The retail total cost of the linens that we provide up front, including backup sets, would be over $3,000 for a typical 3-bedroom home. If you compare the monthly cost of our Linen Program to the expense and hassle of purchasing and replacing all of the included linens on your own, you will see that the Linen Program will save you substantial money over time.

Monthly Rental Revenue 2% Linen Program Cost/Month
$6,000 $120
$8,000 $160
$10,000 $200
$12,000 $240
$14,000 $280